Tequila Casino Azul Ring: Anejo
Tequila Casino Azul Ring: Anejo

Tequila Casino Azul Ring: Anejo

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Casino Azul's unmistakable style and quality offers the ultimate Tequila that ignites a breathtaking experience that will last forever.

A Tequila that stands out for its ability to cater to the individual's taste, expectations, and desires.

Roll the dice and win with Casino Azul - you have hit the jackpot!

After using the most favorable and mature Agave, this Tequila was aged to exact specifications and age-old recipes and then filtered and bottled according to the most up to date measures

This produces a finished product that accentuates the unique flavors of the finest Tequila available with unique character and the ability to be enjoyed as a sipping Tequila or as the most distinguished of mixed cocktails.

24 months in French oak barrels. This period of time provides a highlighted aroma and a unique taste with mixtures of spices and dry seeds.


Delicately complex, with outstanding tones of wood, strong notes of vanilla, chocolate and nuts.


Vanilla, cooked agave, cinnamon, prune, wood, hazelnut, and bittersweet chocolate.


 It is suggested with sweet appetizers and desserts (vanilla ice cream, caramel crepe, chocolate mouse, Leclaire de cafè). Excellent digestif after a meal.


Transparent with gold and copper sparkles.


Class Anejo
Size 750ml
Alc. Vol. 40% (80 PROOF) 
Origin Amatitán, Jalisco, México


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