Tequila Casino Azul Ring: Silver (Blanco)
Tequila Casino Azul Ring: Silver (Blanco)

Tequila Casino Azul Ring: Silver (Blanco)

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Casino Azul's unmistakable style and quality offers the ultimate Tequila that ignites a breathtaking experience that will last forever.

A Tequila that stands out for its ability to cater to the individual's taste, expectations, and desires.

Roll the dice and win with Casino Azul - you have hit the jackpot!

After using the most favorable and mature Agave, this Tequila was aged to exact specifications and age-old recipes and then filtered and bottled according to the most up to date measures

This produces a finished product that accentuates the unique flavors of the finest Tequila available with unique character and the ability to be enjoyed as a sipping Tequila or as the most distinguished of mixed cocktails.

Clear agave expression, straight from the distillation process for a strong and fresh feel.


Agave, mint, tangerine and plum.


Cooked agave with touches of mint , citrus and pineapple


 Highly recommended with seafood. (Ceviche, grilled fish, tartare meat and salmon carpaccio).


Transparent with silver sparkles.


Class Blanco
Size 750ml
Alc. Vol. 40% (80 PROOF) 
Origin Amatitán, Jalisco, México

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